Star jewelry

Jewelry symbolizes wealth, it embellishes beauty and serves to stand out. However, in addition to their value, they often have a very deep sentimental value, which is not always linked to their price. Many celebrities often wear elegant and sometimes visible jewelry at first glance. These accessories can be considered a sort of signature or demonstration of their good taste. Here are some elegant jewelry pieces worn by stars.

Rihanna's hoop earrings

Hoop earrings, truly symbolic of the disco era, are making a notable comeback thanks to icons such as Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Although they are often associated with a gypsy or bling-bling style, silver hoop earrings are actually ideal for highlighting the wild and sophisticated beauty of these R'n'B celebrities . In summer, they are perfect for all styles: casual, elegant, bohemian or romantic. You will find different models of earrings on Evry Jewels, a specialized online store.

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Matt Bellamy's rings

Matthew Bellamy, the frontman of the British band Muse, wore large silver rings during his concerts. These were clearly visible when he played the piano. Although he has favored the guitar in recent years, it seems that his interest in rings is still there, even if he doesn't show it as much anymore. He even gave his partner Kate Hudson an engagement ring, worth around $200,000.

Sela Ward's elegant style

The character of Jo Danville in CSI Manhattan, played by actress Sela Ward, has managed to find a place in an environment that is 99% predominantly male! In addition to her dark and elegant clothes, Sela has other tricks to beautify her appearance: a bracelet here, a necklace there, and sometimes even a necklace in the shape of a rosary...

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James Blunt's signet ring

The signet ring is a piece of jewelry symbolizing nobility and family heritage and decorated with coats of arms or engraved initials. In the past, it was used as a seal and mainly worn by men, but nowadays it is available to everyone. The famous singer James Blunt proudly wears a gold signet ring on his left little finger and says he wore it since he was 21 and never takes it off. He said the ring features his family's coat of arms, the one his ancestors once used to close their letters with wax.

Bella Hadid's Oversize ring

The Oversize ring is one of the popular pieces of jewelry at the moment. It can be worn on special occasions or simply to attract attention and add a personalized touch to the wearer's style. It is generally designed with zirconium oxide crystal, a stone that bears a strong resemblance to diamond. It can also be made of a steel bead or sphere, each of which has its own symbols and meanings.

Meghan Markle's constellation pendant necklaces

In the same way as jewelry with initials, astrological pendants also display a personal story. These types of jewelry hold deep meaning because they have the potential to impact the lives of those who wear them. A sincere charm which also seduced the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Indeed, in certain photos, the princess wears two superb necklaces around her neck which represent the zodiac signs of her two children.

In summary, jewelry is loved by everyone and the stars can’t get enough of it! They choose them carefully to enhance their looks for any occasion.

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